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On the Preparatory Meeting of the Green ABCR Group

Powered by Dr. Nick Yurchenko (Kyiv, Ukraine)

The first world eco-political alliance, named Green ABCR Group, combines four eco-surplus countries with the powerful national economies: Australia, Brazil, Canada and Russian Federation. We propose to hold in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, the Preparatory Meeting of the Green ABCR Group at the level of Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Environment of the appropriate countries:

Minister of Foreign Affairs: Mr. Hon Carr
Minister for Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities: Mr. Hon Burke
Minister of External Relations: Mr. Antonio Patriota
Minister of Environment: Ms. Izabella Teixeira
Minister of Foreign Affairs: Mr. John Baird
Minister of Environment: Mr. Peter Kent
Russian Federation
Minister of Foreign Affairs: Mr. Sergey Lavrov
Minister of Natural Resources and Environment: Mr. Yuri Trutnev

Green ABCR Group is based on deep environmental principles and is much more progressive, in our moving towards the global sustainable future, than any retro-alliances: like BRIC, BRICS, BASIC, G8, G20 and any others. Note, Ukraine is an initiator to institute the Green ABCR Group and thus has exclusive right to hold the appropriate Preparatory Meeting, to place the appropriate headquaters and more.


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