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  Thursday, 2022-12-08, 8:59 AM
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United Green Nations: the Newest Publically Buzz Paradigm

Long Live, United Green Nations!

United Green Nations

     According to our proposition, the United Green Nations (UGNs) is defined in the terms of footprinting metrics as an alliance of countries whose total ecological impact on the planet is counterbalanced with its regenerative potential. It is known (Ewing et al., 2010) that the global footprint has overshot biological capacity of the planet in middle 1980s and achieved now about 50%. Moreover, refining calculations carried out not long ago by Venetoulis & Talberth (2008) for 138 countries show that the real anthropogenic impact of the global community on the planet and ecological overshoot may be even substantially greater.   

    Factually, the UGNs is the newest publically buzz paradigm of global environmental security and sustainable development elaborated on the basis of footprinting metrics. Among numerous sustainability accounting tools, this metrics (Wackernagel & Ress, 1996) is most valuable, most understandable and most demonstrative at the different decision making levels (despite criticism in its address, weaknesses and limitations).

     In general outlines, the concept of UGNs coincides with the concept of One Planet in the terms of Global Footprint Network (GFN), One Planet Economy Network (OPEN) and other well known world organizations  however, new concept puts in the forefront the more stringent demands for pro-ecological modernization of each country (in form of the national Reduce Ecological Footprint Pledges), offering simultaneously lots of new approaches, stimuli and tools. An actual need in the more stringent national antifootprinting pledges together with new approaches, stimuli and tools follows according to the results of the plenary session of the United Nations General Assembly 2010 from an unconvincing pace of moving the most countries in the fairway of the Millennium Development Goals 2015, first of all in the context of 7th (environmental sustainability) and 8th (global partnership) goals of this outstanding program.

      In accordance with the GFN’s optimistic forecast (see OPEN, Vision 2050 etc.), the state of One Planet or, in our terms, the UGNs may be achieved until about 2050. However, an official event of establishing the United Green Nations (UGN 2050) will unlikely be held in the due time without the more decisive activities.




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