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The Biological Open Source (BiOS) Initiative is fundamentally an effort to develop new innovation ecosystems
for disadvantaged communities and neglected priorities.The BiOS Initiative uses the communications tools
of the Internet and open source to generate open access to capabilities for innovation.

The BiOS is the legally enforceable framework to enable the sharing of the capability to use patented and non-patented technology, which may include materials and methods, within dynamically expanding group of those who all agree to the same principles of responsible sharing.

Category: Technology & Innovation | Views: 916 | Added by: nickyurchenko | Date: 2012-05-07

According to molecular biologist Richard Jefferson, civilization has been built on ‘open source’ for 4000 years... ‘but it wasn’t with software, it was with plants, it was with animals, it was with agriculture’. The founder of Brisbane-based technology non-profit Cambia, Jefferson is convinced that biotechnology can be used to benefit the impoverished, but if the innovation process is  ‘democratized’ to allow inclusive access to critical scientific tools.

Cambia is named #86 among Top 100 Best NGO in the world by the Global Journal 2012.

The main Cambia's projects are: Initiative for Open Innovation, Patent Lens, Biological Open Source (BiOS) and CambiaLabs.

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On January 11, 2011, the GreenXchange held an in-person Collaboratory that included attendance by Brooks, Nike, New Balance, Oregon based non-profits, the University of Oregon, the University of Washington and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The focus of the meeting was on providing technical assistance to footwear companies licensing the environmentally preferred rubber (EPR) patent offered through the GreenXchange.

Category: Technology & Innovation | Views: 761 | Added by: nickyurchenko | Date: 2012-05-06


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