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Business Action for Sustainable Development 2012 (BASD 2012) is the network
of business organizations that have come together under one banner in the
interests of sustainable development. BASD 2012 is an initiative of the

International Chamber of Commerce , the World Business Council for Sustainable
Development and the United Nations Global Compact. Business Action for
Sustainable Development 2012 encourages businesses of all sizes to embrace voluntary
sustainability principles such as, for example, those embodied in the UN Global Compact.

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Road to Rio+20 is aiming the global youth mobilization towards the
UN Conference on Sustainable Development. Coalition of 16
partners from 15 countries all over the world is united behind
the common aim to mobilize, inspire, empower and support young people to
take vivid action on issues of sustainable development in the framework of Rio+20.

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Stakeholder Forum is an international organisation working to advance sustainable
development and promote democracy at the global level. Forum's work aims to

enhance open, accountable and participatory international decision making on sustainable
development through enhancing the involvement of stakeholders in intergovernmental processes.

Stakeholder Forum has been founded in 1987 as UNED UK, United Nations Environment
and Development UK, operating as the National Committee for UNEP in the UK. Forum
has its offices in London and New York working with the consultants from around the world.

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